April 25, 2024

“Partnering with Pleio allows us to keep the personal attention on our patients, deliver more compassionate support, and better educate them through their journey.”Michele Kensik, VP of Pharma Relations at FountainRx 

April 18, 2024

“Our partnership with Pleio provides a wraparound patient support program to complement Gentry Health Services’ clinical care team.”Nimesh Patel, Chief Operating Officer at Gentry Health Services

October 19, 2023

“Pleio’s recent executive and pharmacy growth significantly expands our footprint to support more patients. In addition, we are advancing our LIFT technology platform introducing proprietary conversational analytics to enhance our human-led conversations with unprecedented insight and efficiency. All of this allows us to ensure that patients receive the personalized support they deserve.”Michael Oleksiw, Chief Executive Officer 

August 25, 2022

“It is very rewarding to be joining a great team of professionals at Pleio as Chief Pharmacy Officer. My role will include representing Pleio internally and externally through pharmacy thought leadership and developing and innovating strong partnership networks. I’ll be focused on working to grow and develop pharmacy and industry relationships and contributing to the evolution of Pleio-based programs.” —Mark Gregory, Chief Pharmacy Officer

June 29, 2022

“At Pleio, our focus is on providing a more human experience through technology support. Every day. To do that, it all comes down to not removing the human from the digital equation or the human from the tech equation. And while this seems like common sense, this is where we get the chance to put the stake in the ground to say that a truly impactful digital experience doesn’t remove the human component, it is informed by it.”  —Michael Oleksiw, CEO

August 18, 2021

Pleio, Inc., a leader in healthcare technology and medication support programs, has announced three new leadership hires for its commercial sales and marketing team.

August 11, 2021

The finalists are in for PM360’s 13th annual Trailblazer Awards. The Trailblazer Awards were established in 2009 to recognize and honor outstanding companies, marketers, marketing teams, brand managers, and initiatives that have demonstrated innovation and achieved incredible results in the life sciences.

January 12, 2021

New Program Combines Human Hello to Digital Embrace for Long-term Medication Support