Meet the people

Pleio is the leader in human-centered patient support. By building rapport in a collaborative environment, using artfully scripted patient-focused conversations supported by digital outreach — patients feel motivated and empowered — leading to positive health choices.  

Over the last ten years, our proven white-label GoodStart® Program has supported more than one million patients — forging remarkable human connections that energize while building an emotional bond, instilling confidence, building trust, and paving the way for sustainable behavior change across myriad health conditions. Our LIFT®, technology platform brings science into the art of human engagement with pretty cool data science to craft a mindful patient journey.  

Human connection, digital support, and seamless integration with retail community pharmacy are the functional hallmarks of GoodStart® — our patient-friendly, white-label solution to the $300 billion adherence problem. 

Michael lives to solve problems with great products and even better people.

Michael is a data-driven, always on, transformational leader who thrives on keeping his left and right brain in check. When he’s not building something, you’ll find Michael relaxing to ‘80s alternative (on vinyl of course), experimenting with some pretty awesome third-wave coffee, or “brainstorming” on his snowboard.

Michael Oleksiw

Chief Executive Officer

Abby builds special programs that help people take their medications the right way

Abby is a quick-on-her-feet, laser-focused, empath. She’s passionate about helping others and has completed a community pharmacy practice residency. In her spare time, Abby enjoys hanging at the lake or beach, visiting friends and family, shopping, and enjoying a cold Allagash.

Abby Reynolds, PharmD.

SVP, Customer Experience

Roland in a nutshell ensures the business has everything it needs to make all our clients ecstatic.

Roland is a dedicated, hyper-attentive, straight-shooting pro-motivator. He masterfully delivers smart tech solutions across a myriad challenges + has successfully led global IT teams through thick and thin. Outside work, you’ll find Roland proudly rocking a Philadelphia Eagles jersey, sipping a glass of wine + watching Superbowl 52 replays on repeat.

Roland Abou-Atme

VP, Technology and Delivery

Stephanie helps people become healthier by talking to them on the phone.

Stephanie is an effortlessly composed, unstoppable, creative problem-solver. She is expert at growing teams and loves making a difference in people’s lives. When off-duty, Stephanie likes to spend time with her two sons, travel the world, and volunteer on her city’s local Social Services board.

Stephanie Evans

VP, Engagement Center

Bram makes sure what people learn about medication is actually correct.

Bram is a forward-thinking, analytical, super-solutionizer. He’s passionate about improving individual health outcomes + is an expert on U.S. laws and regulations for all things prescription drug-related. Outside work, Bram enjoys crafting wooden bookcases to house his growing library, spending time with his grandchildren, + studying religious scriptures on ethical living.

Dr. Bram Greenberg, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Chief Medical Officer

Geri-Lynn makes the magic happen.

Geri-Lynn is a visionary, can-do, number queen. She is thrilled to be helping people live their healthiest lives at Pleio. Geri-Lynn is deeply experienced in setting up company operations for growth. When she’s not working her abacus, Geri-Lynn likes to curl up with a good novel, spend time with her family, and enjoy a chilled glass of Sancerre.

Geri-Lynn Kushneryk


Craig crafts smart tech.

Craig is an analytical, process-oriented, quick-thinking, consultative techie. He marries a background in consulting with exposure to all aspects of software development — and is thrilled to be part of a company that makes a difference in the lives of others. In his spare time, he loves working in his yard, playing with his pooch Charlie, and enjoying a nice, cold IPA.

Craig Schwartz

VP, Platform Development

Suzanne is a brand strategist and marketing storyteller.

Suzanne recognizes that mutual respect, support and working together in a democratized workplace culture towards a common goal is key to success. Creative at heart. Calculated risk taker. Entrepreneurial mindset. Outside of work, you can find her in the great outdoors skiing, hiking, mountain biking, running or exploring new terrain to conquer. In addition, Suzanne is a passionate animal rights supporter.

Sue Samour

VP, Marketing

Matthew is a people person and a connector who thrives on providing value for his clients.

Matthew builds enduring partnerships by offering a unique combination of empathy and data. Organized and flexible, he finds solutions with mutually beneficial outcomes. He is a lifelong New Yorker (without the accent), and when not at work, loves new experiences including travel, food, movies, and Big10 football. He lives in Westchester NY with his wife, three children, and Luna the Great Pyrenees.

Matthew Crandall

VP, Sales

Martin designs sound product strategies.

Martin is a creative product strategist with an analytical mindset. From cognitive and behavioral sciences to digital product roadmap, Martin envisions and plans impactful user experiences to enhance and improve the patient journey.

Outside work, Martin likes to kick things into gear in his free time by actually kicking and practicing taekwondo. In addition, you can find him blasting favorite tunes with his wife and two sons.

Martin Robert

Head of Product Development

Our Board of Directors

Zorba Lieberman

Jere Doyle

Jon Liebowitz

Pete Sikora