At Pleio, we make a difference in the lives of patients as they manage their lifestyle in the face of a newly diagnosed chronic disease. Through the GoodStart Program we deliver tailored support to help get patients on a healthy routine when it comes to taking their medication.

Our GoodStarters are the backbone of Pleio. They are highly-trained peers in the community who speak directly to patients, to support and encourage them as they manage their condition.

Be Human. Be Kind. Be You.

Our network of GoodStarters supports patients nationwide. The GoodStarter Program builds confidence and helps patients manage a healthy lifestyle. 

Pleio is always looking for compassionate humans. If you are interested in joining GoodStarter family – apply below!

“I am thankful for being able to help others with their medication by giving them helpful information that they can use forever. It really helps me bring positive energy to the world and I will always be thankful for that.”

“I really enjoy working as a GoodStarter. The way we help and educate the patients really makes a difference, and helps them continue on a healthy path.”

“I enjoy getting the chance to help patients navigate through a difficult time in their lives. I feel like I’m giving back as someone once did for me through my cancer diagnosis.”

“I love the flexibility that comes with working at Pleio. I am also thankful when patients who genuinely enjoy the GoodStart Program are helped. I love it when they tell me how thankful they are that I called them!”

“I am thankful to have found a high-quality, remote job like a Pleio Goodstarter. I feel the work I do is valued by Pleio and important to the patients I call about their medication. Sometimes patients even tell me that they are grateful that somebody cares about them enough to call. Working at Pleio has given me a sense of fulfillment to know I am helping someone daily.”

“I feel like I have the purpose of helping others and not just my immediate family anymore. It gives me pleasure to come to work each day and talk to our patients and all of the other Goodstarters. Also, thank you to our amazing support staff. You are all so helpful with learning. Thanks so much Pleio for all you have done for me.”

Benefits of becoming a GoodStarter:

  • Culture: There is an excellent culture among all the GoodStarters. GoodStarters belong to their own social media chat channel and talk throughout the day, bonding and getting to know each other in a remote environment.
  • Work from Home: GoodStarters benefit from working from the comfort of their own home.
  • Flexible Hours: GoodStarters can choose their own hours and even work early mornings, late evenings, and weekends to accommodate their busy lifestyle.
  • No Selling: Unlike similar jobs, GoodStarters are not required to sell anything over the phone.
  • No Cold Calling: Because GoodStarters calls in partnership with the patient’s pharmacy, no cold calling is involved.
  • Feel Good by Doing Good: GoodStarters act out the mission of Pleio. They help patients who need support in their health journey. Our GoodStarters love what they do and feel-good coming work each day.
  • Money: GoodStarters get paid on a sliding scale. The more you work and the more flexible you are (in terms of time of day) – the more opportunity to earn. Pleio offers an hourly activity rate in addition to incentives and performance bonuses to all GoodStarters.
  • Training Bonus: Pleio offers a training bonus to GoodStarters once they’ve completed 60 hours of making calls.

Pleio provides all the tools and training you need to be a GoodStarter through our education platform GoodStartU. Certification courses are self-paced allowing you to complete them at your convenience.

GoodStartU has courses for developing listening and speaking skills and is the core of the GoodStarter Community. GoodStarters use this platform to share ideas, successes, and encouragement for each other.

How do I get started?

Review the information at the link below for additional information about becoming a GoodStarter.