Healthcare journeys can be overwhelming.

The Pleio GoodStart program is designed to meet patients where they are — emotionally.

The Art of Human Connection Powered by Behavioral Science and Technology.

GoodStart®, our proven white-label program forges extraordinary human connections to energize patients with an emotional bond that instills confidence, builds trust, increases adoption, and triggers sustainable behavior change across a wide a variety of disease states.

Millions of patients have embraced their medication journey with confidence thanks to GoodStart.

We build meaningful relationships with patients on therapy using artfully scripted, live, patient-centric conversations supported by digital outreach.

We Connect.

We Motivate.

We Empower.

We Listen. 

We Empathize. 

We Support. 

Patients deserve a GoodStart®

Our results are significant across numerous chronic disease and conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, asthma, COPD, and more. GoodStart patients refill 3-10 days earlier and refill more — with with 19-35% improvement in persistence through 3 refills.

We help patients make lasting behavioral change.

Significant results across a number of disease states and conditions

Pleio GoodStart® reaches up to 70% of patients, engaging 55% in the program — connecting for an average of 7+ minutes of live phone conversation. 

Over 50% of engaged patients opt-in for extended digital support to  sustain their healthy behavior change journey.

We reach


of patients enrolled within their first 10 days

A Mindful Patient Journey

Our purpose-built LIFT® technology platform brings science into the art of human engagement with pretty cool data science to craft a mindful patient journey.


Behind every patient is a story waiting to be heard. That’s where Pleio GoodStart comes in.


Actual quotes from GoodStart® program

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten calls like this, somebody else outside family checking on me and I find that very soothing.

I love those! She keeps telling me “if you want to cancel this at any time”, but I say oh no. She gives me a good day feeling. I have a little bit more of a positive attitude.

Nobody keeps tabs on you. It’s nice to know somebody is out there concerned about my diabetes and whether I’m taking my medication properly.