We believe in community pharmacies

Pleio believes the pharmacy is central to the healthcare team and improving patient health. As a champion of the community pharmacy, Pleio offers its partners an opportunity to strengthen and complement their current patient outreach programs and increase engagement and loyalty.

The Pleio GoodStart Program is a peer-to-patient outreach program designed to address the emotional barriers associated with non-adherence. We match certified ‘GoodStarters’ with your chronic disease patients and, through a series of human-led and digitally supported communications, patients receive support, confidence, resources, and warm transfers to your staff.



Overall patient rating
of program


Patient engaged


Engagement rate


Rx Lift


Persistence for 3 refills

9.5 mins

Average patient talk time


Pharmacy loyalty

Why Pleio

Pleio’s unique model of developing strong patient relationships through a combination of trusted human interaction powered by data affords lasting benefits to pharmacies and the patients you serve.

  • No cost to Pharmacy
  • Improves Patient Outreach
  • Increases Patient Health
  • No Workflow Disruption
  • Easy to Implement

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