Improve the Success of Your Current Clinical Programs

Pleio GoodStart® is white-label collaborative patient engagement platform that supports and expands Community pharmacy. We reach patients from a growing network of over 12,000 Community pharmacies in the United States. 

Certified GoodStarters® connect with patients by phone within days of filling a new prescription to establish a rapport and guide them through relevant medication education, resources and management, but rest assured, trusted pharmacy is always by their side.

GoodStart patients consistently outperform control groups.

GoodStart Patients Appreciate Their Pharmacy

  • Refill prescriptions 3-10 days earlier

  • Refill more oftenpersistence improvement is 19-35% through 3 refills

  • Halo Effect — Showing 11% improvement in refilling non-program medications 

  • Demonstrate increased loyalty to their pharmacy — 80% of GoodStart patients are still with the pharmacy at the end of one year compared with 72% of contemporaneous control group patients.

  • 91% of GoodStart patients would recommend the program to a friend or family member