The Pleio GoodStart Family is a community of customer service professionals. Our culture offers many opportunities to connect and engage with fellow GoodStarters through team chat rooms, performance contests, and virtual get togethers.  

Learn more about Pleio’s requirements.

GoodStarters are looking for a way to make some extra money and do something meaningful at the same time. Working with Pleio allows you to feel good that you are helping people. 

GoodStarters should have a private, quiet space to work from. This area should be free of outside noise or distractions.  

We encourage a healthy work-life balance. Calls are available to be made throughout the week (Monday through Saturday). You can choose your work schedule, making it as flexible as you want.  

You are in control of your success. Some of our GoodStarters make this a full-time job and others use this opportunity as a way to make extra money.  

Pleio requires that each GoodStarter has an EIN since they are independent contractors and not actual employees. The IRS provides EIN numbers for free. You can obtain an EIN at the IRS website. 

Pleio manages sensitive information daily, so privacy is our number one priority. The background screening is mandatory for all our GoodStarters. There is no charge for the background check. 

What can cause me to fail the background check? Applicants must pass both parts of the background and credit checks. Applicants with the following elements on their check will not be accepted:

  • Judgments and Bankruptcy:
    a) Two or more open or active civil judgments/ tax liens (open/ active liens).
    b) A bankruptcy within a year of this application
  • Felony Records: Any records with dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest, adjudication, withheld/deferred adjudication/probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant, or that have been negotiated down to a misdemeanor.
  • Misdemeanor Records: If you have 3 or more vehicular records with DUI, Reckless Driving or Hit/Run or 5 or more total misdemeanors, you will not pass. If you have any records involving theft, fraud, dishonesty, breach of trust, arson or violent crimes with dispositions of guilty, convicted, no contest, adjudication withheld/deferred adjudication/probation before judgment (if currently under probation), pending, or outstanding warrant, you will not pass.

As a GoodStarter, you will spend the entirety of your time working on the phone and online. Therefore, it is a necessity that you are able to connect with our patients and our systems without issues or delay. 

Internet Requirements

Computer Requirements

  • Laptop, Chromebooks, or desktop computer running Windows 10 or higher (Macs, Netbooks, Tablets, and Smart Phones are not supported)
  • 2GHz processor, or better
  • Internet Browser – Latest version of Chrome
  • Minimum Ram – 8GB or higher
  • The monitor must be capable of displaying 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Sound card installed and equipped with speakers or headphones

Software Requirements

  • Virus/Malware protection installed and set to update automatically with real-time scanning
  • A firewall is installed, and active Security updates are installed and set to automatically update
  • PDF viewer

Telephone Requirements

Pleio’s GoodStart service is delivered through real, live telephone conversations. We want every conversation to be crystal clear and free of interruptions. To qualify to make calls using Pleio’s VOIP system, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You will need a USB headset with a microphone that plugs into your computer.

We have developed an online learning platform where GoodStarters can learn at their own pace called GoodStartU. All the training you’ll need to get started is available. You have control of how fast you get through the training process. The sooner you complete it, the sooner you will be speaking with patients and changing lives. 

Additional certifications and training are offered throughout the year. Every month Pleio offers live webinar sessions with a focus on best practices and keys to success. 

Training is free and there are a wide variety of learning opportunities. The training to certify as a GoodStarter takes 10 – 15 hours on average. Pleio does not compensate for training, but instead offers a bonus to new GoodStarters after meeting a minimum of 60 calling hours within 60 days. 

Do you charge GoodStarters to use your technology?

No. There is currently no charge to GoodStarters to use our systems.

How often can I apply?

You only need to apply once. We keep your application on file for review if we have a need. Duplicate applications and submissions are not accepted.

Can Pleio terminate my contract?

Because GoodStarters are independent contractors, either party can cancel the contract at any time.  

How many calls will be assigned to me on a weekly basis?

Pleio does not guarantee any minimum call volume. Depending on the number of projects running, there may be times when no calls are in your queue 

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