You have met all the prerequisites to apply as a GoodStart Mentor. Let’s continue to step 2 of your journey.

Below is our application that you need to fill out. As part of the application process you will need to include a mock call. We want to hear how conversational and friendly you are. This is our first impression of you, so make it your best. Our staff will be listening to it and grading it on the same performance metric of our current GoodStart Mentors.

Click on the recording icon to record your mock call. You can re-record as many times as you want, but only submit the final version that you want us to review. Use the mock call script below. Save the file with your last name and first name (doejohn_mockcall)


You want to make it sound personable and friendly, smile when you are reading.

Your goal is to sound like you are not reading from a script. Assume the patient is answering in the affirmative when you come to a question.


If you do not know how to pronounce a word, we suggest you look it up prior to calling in the mock call.

TIP: You might want to consider printing your script and practicing it BEFORE calling it in!

We are looking for a well-practiced and studied mock call.

Script for Mock Call

Hello, this is (agent name). I’m calling from Pharm-Co GoodStart program. May I please speak to John Smith?

Hello, you received a call from one of our GoodStart agents and you discussed a follow-up call about your diabetes. Our call will be brief if you have a few minutes; sound okay?

I’m not a health care professional, but I can help you access some helpful resources.

John, as you may be aware, over many years, high blood sugar can lead to some serious health problems. Hopefully, you’ve discussed them with your doctor and asked any questions you may have had.

Do you think that health risk factors associated with diabetes are important to you?

Doctors tell us that people with diabetes are at greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and eye problems if their blood sugar stays high over a long period of time. Doctors also tell us that there are risk factors we can’t control, such as age, race or ethnicity, and family history. However, there are factors that we can control, like our medicine and our lifestyle habits.

Do you think that you can help avoid these problems by taking good care of yourself?

OK. Well John, you’re not alone. Millions of people live with diabetes every day and I know it can be overwhelming at times. A lot of people I speak with tell me that local support groups can be very helpful.

Did you and your doctor discuss blood sugar and blood sugar testing in detail?

So John, we talked a bit about what diabetes can do to people.

Was our conversation helpful to you? (pause) Terrific

Well John, before I hang up I have some important safety information, which is specifically related to your medication the manufacturer would like me to share with you. It will only take a minute. Norland is a man-made long-acting insulin that is used to control high blood sugar in adults. Do not take Norland if your blood sugar is to low, hypoglycemia (hy-po-glycemia), or if you are allergic to anything in Norland. Please read the prescribing information that came with your medication, if you don’t have it you can download it at www.norland .com. If you take too much Norland your blood sugar may fall too low. It is not recommended to use Norland to treat diabetic ketoacidosis (ke’to-as’i-do’sis). The next time we speak, I want to tell you about something called GoodStart Minutes. I think you’re really going to like them! I will call you in a couple of weeks to see how you’re coming along with your goals.

Is this still the best time to reach you?

On behalf of Pharm-Co, have a great week. We’ll speak again soon. Goodbye.

Only record ONE mock call unless otherwise notified.

Multiple submissions delay the process and can be a reason to disqualify your application.

Please be patient as we receive a high volume of submissions.

You may want to add to your address book in your email account.

Record your mock call


Please fill out the application below as the final part of Step 2. Remember to attach your resume and mock call. We will review your submission within the next few weeks and get back to you.

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