Read how Pleio and Medisafe joined forces to help engage patients in their treatment journey through the power of human+digital connection, using a compassionate approach for the digital age to drive better outcomes.

Redesigning the Patient Activation Cycle

Through the combination of human support and digital platform engagement, more than 50% of patients choose to opt-in to ongoing digital drug companions, demonstrating the impact of trusted guidance. 

Download the study to learn more and see how a combination approach may be able to help your patients. 

When it Comes to Adherence, the Stakes are High:

Lack of medication adherence is a BIG problem.

60% of all adults in the United States have a chronic condition — 133 million people. And 40% have more than one chronic disease.

And HALF of all prescriptions are not taken as prescribed and 33% of prescriptions for chronic conditions are never filled according to the CDC

Want to improve adherence for your drug?



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Per person

to the US Healthcare System

Medication non-adherence results in 125,000 deaths and an additional cost of $2,000 per person to the U.S. healthcare system every year.

Effective medication support programs are vital — and their success hinges on human engagement, adaptability, and continuity.

50% of patients don’t take their medicine as prescribed.

That’s where Pleio GoodStart ® comes in. 

We support patients by helping them overcome obstacles that stand in the way of taking their medicine as directed.